One of the industries we serve is Aerospace. We are professional and agile. We can provide the speed and flexibility of a small business while providing a large business’s capabilities.

Our primary advantage is our production speed and willingness to take very small orders—we are happy to make single piece orders. We can machine very high precision CNC parts.


We know that it is hard to source custom CNC machined parts in low quantities, with quick turn-around times.


We have designed a business to produce one or two high-precision parts, in just days, at reasonable prices. We maximize technology and innovation to accomplish that feat.


Request a quote now, and get an electronic quote in minutes. Upon approval, place your order instantly online. We’ll have your parts made and shipped in a couple of days.


Quality certification is a requirement for Aerospace manufacturing. That is why we are ISO 9001 compliant.

Data Security

We understand that data security is important in this industry and so data security is always guaranteed with our ITAR compliance.

Short-Run Production

We welcome single piece orders, up to large production runs.

Fast Production

We can make custom parts in just a few days from placement of the order to shipment of the parts.

High-Precision Parts

We can machine to very tight tolerances with ease—IT grade 7 on round features and 9 on flat.

Superior Support

We offer uncommon live support, via chat, email, or even phone.


Request a Quote

We usually respond within 2 business hours.

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(864) 735-0396

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55 Smith Hines Road, Greenville, SC 29607