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All prices and amounts shown on this website or in other communications from us are in U.S. Dollars (USD) unless otherwise noted. If you submit an order on the site to purchase machined parts, design services, or other services, you agree that all charges, taxes, and shipping/handling fees will automatically be charged to your provided credit card or paid by you with an approved payment method. At the time of order checkout, you agree to all disclosed charges for an order.

Once you have placed an order on our website, no changes are allowed to the CAD files, detail print specification, or manufacturing processing time.

Sales Tax
We charge sales tax to orders received from within or shipped to the state of South Carolina unless you are tax exempt. If you are tax exempt, you need to send us your tax exemption certificate (ST-8A).

Detail Drawings and CAD models
You must upload supporting files in .pdf, .step, or .iges to our website. Any other formats you would like to submit must be sent by email to quotes@digipart.us. Once we receive your files, our team will review them for manufacturability. Note: If changes need to be made to your data to facilitate the manufacturing of the part, you will be notified and must correct the problem. Alternatively, you may have one of our support staff fix the issue at a rate of $50/hour.

DigiPart will make the part according to the 3D model.  Detail drawings, if supplied, are used only to determine tapped hole sizes, surface finish, and tight tolerances.  DigiPart is not responsible for any errors resulting from a discrepancy between a supplied 3D CAD file and the supplied Detail drawing.  Any changes to CAD files or Detail Drawings must be submitted to changes@digipart.us with the Quote # or Order # in the Subject line.

DO NOT send any physical “one-of-a-kind” prints or parts. Although we take every precaution to safeguard your materials, we are NOT responsible for loss or damage to anything sent to DigiPart.

By submitting files to us, you certify that you have the right to use the information and designs contained in the files. We may ask you to provide proof of your right to make and sell the parts ordered. We will refuse an order, which, in our opinion, may be illegal in nature or an infringement on the rights of any third party.

Under these Terms and Conditions of Sale, you agree that you will NOT upload any files consisting of material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law. You accept full legal responsibility for the parts we produced on your behalf and under your instructions.

We reserve the right to refuse an order without disclosing a reason.

Part Tolerances

If you have specific manufacturing requirements or tolerances for a part, you must specify them in an MBD compliant model or upload an Engineering Drawing in .pdf format through our website. We recommend that you specify ISO Tolerances such as K7, h9, etc. wherever deviation control is necessary on your parts.

DigiPart uses the International Tolerance Grade system defined in ISO 286.

DigiPart will not guarantee deviations less than an IT grade of 7 for all circular features including roundness, cylindricity, concentricity, circular runout, and total runout.

DigiPart will not guarantee deviations less than an IT grade of 9 for all linear features when calculated over the longest dimension of the area toleranced, including flatness, straightness, profile line, profile surface, angularity, parallelism, perpendicularity, position, and symmetry.

For example, if your part specifies a 2” bore with a maximum diameter deviation of -0.0005” / +0.0002”, DigiPart will not guarantee less than a max deviation of -0.0008” / +0.0004” per K7 in the ISO tolerance system standards.

For example, if your part specifies a 1/2” wide slot with a maximum width deviation of -0.0000” / +0.0005”, DigiPart will not guarantee less than a max deviation of -0.0000” / -0.0017” per H9 in the ISO tolerance system standards.

For example, if your part specifies a 2″x6″x1/2″ plate with maximum flatness deviation of +/-0.001”, DigiPart will not guarantee less than a max deviation of +/-0.002” per IT grade 9 over the length of the part  (6″).

We recommend using an online calculator for more information about how the size of the feature determines the maximum deviation.


If you require a physical part prototype, you are responsible for stating that requirement in the “Notes” section of our online order page. Alternatively, you may email your proof request to orders@digipart.us with the order number you are referencing in the email subject line. If you do not request a prototype, you forfeit any right to refuse parts upon delivery for any reason other than one related to tolerances or requirements stated on the engineering drawings. You are expressing full faith in DigiPart. We are not responsible for any issue related to the design and intent of a part. We will adhere to specifications stated on the engineering drawings, specified tolerances, and specified post-process requirements within the bounds covered in the “Part Tolerances” section above.

If you order a part prototype, you may choose to make changes to the design and specification of the part before production. If you make changes and need an updated part prototype, we will add a processing fee of $45 for each prototype.

We will not manufacture any order which includes a prototype without your written approval of the prototype. Please provide prototype approval as quickly as possible.

We do not allow changes to any lead times, designs, tolerancing, post-processing, or any other manufacturing requirements once we receive your prototype approval, and we have sent your order to the manufacturing department.

Prototype parts are taken out of the total quantity of parts ordered. For example, if you order 20 parts and require two prototypes, you will receive 18 parts after final prototype approval.

Processing Time
Our standard processing time is three business days. Processing time starts when you place your order through our website, with a daily cut off time of 10:00 am EST. If you place your order through our website after our cut off time, the first processing day will be the following business day. The following will extend the order processing time by the noted amount:

  • If we do not have the material needed in stock, this will add a minimum of 1 business day.
  • Post-processing (Plating, Painting, Heat Treatment, etcetera) adds a minimum of 5 business days*.
  • Part prototype approval time adds time from when we sent the prototype until approval.
  • Creation of, or changes to, your CAD files add a minimum of 1 business day.

*DigiPart is not responsible for post-process vendors delays and therefore, cannot guarantee that post-processing will only add five business days.

Please note that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. As a result, we do not consider these days when calculating the processing time. Also, please note that the processing time does not include shipping transit times. You should allow additional business days for delivery based on the shipping method you selected.

Processing time for jobs with a three day processing time is approximate.

Processing time for jobs with a one business day processing time is guaranteed.

Our remedy for failing to meet a guaranteed processing time deadline is limited to the refund of expedite charges.

We do not ship with customer shipping accounts. When choosing a shipping option, please remember that the estimated shipping transit time is based on the number of business days in transit and does not include weekends, holidays, or the day the package is picked up.

From time to time, we may create marketing content while producing your parts. This content is the property of DigiPart. Although this content will NOT be sold or given to any other party, we reserve the right to display this content. Please notify us if you wish not to have your finished parts displayed in our marketing materials.

Refund Policy
All sales are final since we manufacture custom parts according to your exact specifications. We will not issue any refunds once we begin manufacturing on your order. Manufacturing starts as soon as we have received all of the necessary materials, such as digital files and payment.

In the unlikely event that you have any complaints about your parts, you must send your complaints in written form to us within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Should your order contain manufacturing errors or defects (as determined by DigiPart), we will re-machine your parts at no additional charge. To receive replacement parts, you must physically return 100% of the defective parts.

In some cases, we may extend a partial or full refund to you if we have not completed any work for a specific order. If you would like to cancel any or part of an order, you must contact us within 24 hours of when you initially place the order. Please note that any refund will be adjusted to cover any fees charged for prototypes or other services associated with that order.

Third Parties
Each order we manufacture constitutes a contract between you, the customer, and DigiPart, the manufacturer. If you are using us to manufacture an order on behalf of a third party, this does not absolve you of liability to DigiPart. Any decision made by a third party, such as refusal to accept a particular part, or cancellation of an order, does not affect your liability to DigiPart.

Governing Law
The internal laws of the State of South Carolina shall govern the performance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, without regard to such state’s conflicts of laws principles. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in Greenville, South Carolina, for all disputes arising out of, or relating to, the Terms and Conditions of Sale and use of this website.


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